Organic sleepwear made in New Zealand – La Lune Sleepwear

Organic sleepwear made in New Zealand

La Lune Sleepwear is made from Australian Certified Organic Accredited cotton, which originates from India and is manufactured in Australia.

Did you know

Our label is 100% designed and made in New Zealand. Every sale supports our small Kiwi business, along with our local pattern maker, cutter, manufacturers, dyers & suppliers.

Our fabric supplier is partnered with Fairtrade, so both farmers & workers operate in a safe environment & receive fair pay.

Our cotton is AOS certified, so your skin is safe from any chemical nasties.


Why we love organic

It's a natural breathable, hypo-allergenic fibre. Cotton doesn't trap heat or moisture which means you can have a sound sleep and not worry about a change in temperature. It retains less odor than synthetic fabrics so you can wash it less often, saving water and energy costs, giving your clothes a longer life. It is farmed without chemicals which allows the Farmers to grow other crops on their land, which leads to crop diversity.

Organic cotton is processed without any toxic dyes or finishing products. This creates a safer working environment for farmers, factory workers and machinists. Not to mention the people wearing the finished garment!

GOTS certified workplaces guarantee their workers have human rights. They receive fair pay, work in a safe hygienic work environment, and are not overworked.

Organic cotton uses at least 20% less water than treated cotton farms.

We believe wearing organic cotton not only feels great, it's actually better for you.

One piece at a time

To stay true to our vision of creating a sustainable sleepwear line, we produce all of our clothes in small runs. This means that sometimes we sell out of stock faster than we would like. If you're interested in an item that's out of stock, please email us, and we'll let you know as soon as we have it back in stock.