You'll never be caught out in your pjs again! – La Lune Sleepwear

You'll never be caught out in your pjs again!

We're not sure when it happened, but one morning we looked down and noticed our sleepwear was looking pretty tired. Saggy pj pants and holey tees just made us feel like we were getting out of the wrong side of the bed each morning.

We would have friends and family stay over and be embarassed to meet them in the kitchen so we would make a quick dash to get dressed for the day before anyone else got up.

One of our biggest goals launching this company was to design sleepwear that didn't look like sleepwear. If you were still in your pjs or nightie late into the morning and someone stopped by - we wanted you to look ready for the day.

If you got chilly, instead of a dressing gown, we wanted an extra layer for you to add to your wardrobe. So we designed a terry sweatshirt that is such an essential piece to your wardrobe and great to wear no matter the time or place.

Ultimately we didn't want you to have to overthink your sleepwear. To have a collection that goes from day to night, winter to summer. Pieces that work together throughout the seasons, colours and styles that don't go out of fashion and can always be mixed and matched.

Our lives are getting busier and we just wanted to make something that we couldn't find anywhere - comfortable, ethical and organic sleepwear and loungewear that feels good and looks great. Best of all it's NZ made.

Drop us a line and let us know your favourite combinations - as we head into Summer we have started wearing our tanks and shorts again and are patiently waiting for Drop 2 of our Summer release in a couple of weeks so you can enjoy the rest of our Wanderlust collection.


Happy lounging - Brenna and Angela x