Greenwashing – La Lune Sleepwear


Ok, I'll be honest, 6 months ago I hadn't even heard of the word 'greenwashing'. These days we know it describes companies that use words like 'natural' or 'environmentally friendly' without any backing to fool the consumer into thinking their products are sustainable and ethical.

Sometimes we find it a little tricky talking about being an organic and NZ made sleepwear company . People can jump on statements looking for loopholes and others are (rightly so) skeptical.

All of our fabric is certified Organic, including Australian Certified Organic, Oeko-Tex standard, GOTS and Fair Trade certified. We make an effort to buy our trims from NZ companies. Our packaging, where possible, is recyclable and bio-degradable. 

Organic cotton is grown without chemicals and pesticides. Organic crops creates a safer working environment for the framers and factory workers and the crops use much less water than conventionally grown cotton. It's kinda a no-brainer!

For us it's simple - you spend so much time in your sleepwear so it's reassuring to know it's safe from nasties and also just so bloody comfy!