Every body deserves acceptance – La Lune Sleepwear

Every body deserves acceptance

We don't usually get too deep on our blogs but there is something we have noticed since starting a business in "fashion".

Wow, we are so hard on ourselves! Or more specifically on our bodies.

We love getting feedback and since attending markets and La Lune afternoons we have really enjoyed getting to know our customers more. In these chats we noticed the way we talk about ourselves and after having a bit of time to think about it, we decided we wanted to say something.

Yeah I know, advice from a sleepwear company where comfort comes first! Yes, it's super important for us to be comfortable but we really want you guys to feel comfortable, not just in our sleepwear but in your own bodies.

We truly believe that every body deserves acceptance. We hope you get a chance over the holiday season to be gentle and kind on yourself. To praise your strengths instead of thinking of your weaknesses, to talk to yourself the way you talk to your best friend. Because let's face it, this year has been crazy and life can be tricky so if you can start the day with a kind thought we might be on to something!

We wish you a fun and safe holiday with your family and friends. Enjoy catching up with everyone and spending time together.

Happy lounging


Angela and Brenna xx